Ready or not …. Do Something!

I recently read a devotion about “being ready”, and the writer’s point was that we would never do anything for God if we waited until we felt ready.  We are captivated by Bible stories that tell of God moving in miraculous ways, but we probably don’t think about what it felt like for the humans involved.  Imagine the scene at the Red Sea – the roar of the enemy army closing in on them, the cries of fear from the less faith-filled Israelites, and the feel of the water splashing on them at the edge of the shore.  The Word of God is filled with examples of ordinary people who did extraordinary things, despite the fact that they didn’t feel ready.  God is looking for obedience and a humble servant’s heart to love people and change the world one step of faith at a time.  You can change a life right here, right now through this website.  Won’t you join me and give these sweet children the gift of education, or at least some clean water?  Ready or not . . . let’s do something!