If you are reading this, then you are probably my friend or the friend of a friend, and I want to say thank you for taking a moment to check out our new venture for the kingdom of God through the ministry of Children’s Journey.  I will be posting short devotionals to encourage and inspire us all in our walk with Jesus, but I also want to live out Hebrews 10:24 which says that we’re to consider ways to spur each other onto love and good deeds.  My hope is to specifically spur everyone reading this to reach out and touch the life of a child on the other side of the world that is currently drinking filthy, disease- infested water.  Please click on the link and enjoy the incredible music video by Christian artist, Plumb, and check out the blog entries for more words of encouragement.

Together We ARE Better!

Journey Church on Greenwell Springs road had a “Serve Like Crazy Challenge “. Here is what can come from one $5 bill; once we pooled our money much was accomplished to feed the children.

Heart full of JOY !

Thank you to everyone who made Clean.Refreshing.Water possible!

Way Beyond

Quiet time with God took an unexpected turn when He put it on my heart to raise funds to build a water well in Uganda.   If it was for real, then surely God was mistaken.  I couldn’t even wrap my brain around it, let alone figure out how to actually do it.  Over a period of two years, with the help of many people, God indeed brought this miracle to pass, and the water well in Kampala, Uganda will be dedicated the second week of September!  This just proves Ephesians 3:20; God is able to do infinitely more than we can even dare to dream or imagine.  He doesn’t necessarily call the qualified, but He always qualifies the called.  What fun it must be for God to choose those that have a heart for Him and perhaps fall into the category of  “least likely to succeed”.   Then He anoints them and leads them on a holy adventure to do that which seems impossible in order to build His kingdom.  And the best part is that God alone gets all the praise and glory.  Dream big, friends, for we serve a BIG God!

Ready or not …. Do Something!

I recently read a devotion about “being ready”, and the writer’s point was that we would never do anything for God if we waited until we felt ready.  We are captivated by Bible stories that tell of God moving in miraculous ways, but we probably don’t think about what it felt like for the humans involved.  Imagine the scene at the Red Sea – the roar of the enemy army closing in on them, the cries of fear from the less faith-filled Israelites, and the feel of the water splashing on them at the edge of the shore.  The Word of God is filled with examples of ordinary people who did extraordinary things, despite the fact that they didn’t feel ready.  God is looking for obedience and a humble servant’s heart to love people and change the world one step of faith at a time.  You can change a life right here, right now through this website.  Won’t you join me and give these sweet children the gift of education, or at least some clean water?  Ready or not . . . let’s do something!


Water – clean, refreshing water. It’s something we take for granted, but it is a treasured resource that so many all over the world don’t have. While there are many problems world wide that we cannot solve, the issue of clean water, particularly for children, is a need that we absolutely can do something about. The small village of Bulamu in the Kampala district of Uganda is remote and most of us have likely never heard of it. Largely through the efforts of a local pastor there, Benjamin Tabingwa, children are now attending a brand new school, and an orphanage is in the works. God has done amazing things for the people of this village, but there is a need for a water well, which will cost $4000 to build. Matthew 25 tells us that when we give a drink to a thirsty person we are touching the very heart of God, and I am asking you to please use the link provided to give at least $5 to provide these precious people with clean water. Thank you for helping to build the kingdom of God by meeting their practical need for water.