Water Project


Water – clean, refreshing water. It’s something we take for granted, but it is a treasured resource that so many all over the world don’t have. While there are many problems world wide that we cannot solve, the issue of clean water, particularly for children, is a need that we absolutely can do something about. The small village of Bulamu in the Kampala district of Uganda is remote and most of us have likely never heard of it. Largely through the efforts of a local pastor there, Benjamin Tabingwa, children are now attending a brand new school, and an orphanage is in the works. God has done amazing things for the people of this village, but there is a need for a water well, which will cost $4000 to build. Matthew 25 tells us that when we give a drink to a thirsty person we are touching the very heart of God, and I am asking you to please use the link provided to give at least $5 to provide these precious people with clean water. Thank you for helping to build the kingdom of God by meeting their practical need for water.