Pastor Ben and Grace


Message from Pastor Ben

Grace and I are happily married and blessed with 5 boys who are fellow servants at Jesus Christian Centre Church here in Kampala where we are the Senior Pastors, ordained under African Revival Ministries.

In 2002, God gave Grace a dream when we were taking care of many children from war torn areas in our country. Since this time we have seen God bring children into our lives and home. We help them by encouraging  them spiritually and physically offering support for their education through our church and outside of our church.

In our hearts, all children are the same no matter who they are,  they all deserve an opportunity to a good life and future.

Our mission is to raise up Tomorrow’s Generals.

God has made a way and this year we have opened up a school called Voices of Love Primary School and have 60 children enrolled. Our dream is to give a future to over 500 kids,  both orphans and underprivileged children to become Tomorrow’s Generals.  Make this your dream too and let’s make a difference in our generation and generations to come. Life is an opportunity which must be shared, please share your life with a certain child.  It’s an opportunity worthy of celebration.

Blessings and love.

Ben and Grace